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Test your well for arsenic at least once so you know how much arsenic is in your drinking water and you can make an informed decision about whether to take further action.

Arsenic occurs naturally in rocks and soil across Minnesota and can dissolve into groundwater. Drinking water that contains arsenic can increase your risk of cancer and other serious health effects. Unfortunately, there is no way to know the arsenic level in water before a well is drilled. Arsenic levels can vary between wells, even within a small area. You cannot taste, see, or smell arsenic in your water.

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Nearly 85% of the U.S. is a hard water area.

Erkens Water Systems with Fleck Controls

AM Plus Upflow Series – AM1-ee

Product Features

  • Front panel display for time of day, days until next regeneration, volume remaining, current flow rate and total volume used.
  • Optional double backwash feature offers optimum regeneration, cleaning ability and efficiency
  • Solid State microprocessor with easy access front panel
  • Post treated water regenerant refill
  • Coin cell lithium battery backup with an 8 hour carryover
  • 1” control valve for better flow rates / less pressure loss
  • Safe 12 volt wall mount transformer
  • 5 year warranty – complete system.

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AM Plus Series ~ AM1

The AM1 system may be purchased or use our rental special ~ $21.50 / month. (32000 grain metered system)

Product Features

  • The AM1 is demand initiated regeneration with variable reserve capacity automatically adjust to your family’s changing water use and regenerates only when needed. The reduces water consumption and salt use.
  • Solid State microprocessor with easy access front panel settings monitors water treatment functions.
  • Display flashes between gallons remaining and time of day.
  • Coin cell lithium battery backup with an 8 hour carryover. No more resetting the controls clock after short power outages
  • Safe 12 volt wall mount transformer.
  • 1″ control valve for better flow rates / less pressure loss.
  • Five year warranty – compete system.

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Twin Tank System with Fleck 9100 Control Valve

The Twin Alternating metered “on-demand” system is powered with the Fleck 9100 control valve. The salt tank comes standard with safety floats to protect from overflows, and salt grid stands that prevent mushy salt build up in the salt tank .

Families benefit from soft water 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That’s because the second tank of soft water acts as a backup, ready to immediately provide soft water once 100% of the first tank is used. While the second tank is in service, the first tank regenerates, giving you all the advantages of continuous soft water. You will never run out of soft water no matter how many kids you bathe, or how much laundry is done; there will still be soft water at the end of the day for a soft relaxing bath.

Erkens Water systems carry a limited 5 year warranty on parts and labor with a limited lifetime warranty on tanks and resin.

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Lindyspring Water Sanitizer

For Homeowners Who Use Well Water

The sanitizer water conditioning system is recognized for its unique ability to kill and remove iron and sulfur bacteria – a naturally-occurring bacteria that can incubate and grow in water softener beds and other water appliances. Most homeowners experience this problem as red or black slime and stains on plumbing fixtures, and foul smells when opening a tap.The system safely creates chlorine from the softener’s brine solution. The dissolved chlorine then sanitizes the media bed with each regeneration of the system. An exclusive crystalline media acts as a superior filter and softener that removes iron, manganese and hardness – while raising pH to acceptable levels and securing chlorine for continued media sanitizing.Patented brine system actually creates up to 40ppm chlorine to sanitize crystal media.

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  • Buy a new Softener and get a $200 discount towards a Drinking Water or Iron Filter System
  • Erkens AM1 Water Softener Rental Special ~ $21.50 / month for a 32000 grain metered system. Purchase Options Also Available
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  • St. Cloud Radio Market Place $1000 certificate
get softer water