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Buy a new Softener and get a $200 discount towards a Drinking Water or Iron Filter System

Erkens AM1 Water Softener Rental Special ~ $21.50 / month for a 32000 grain metered system. Purchase Options Also Available

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Yes, We Are Open During Covid 19!

Erkens Water is open for business during Covid 19 outbreak. It is imperative that you have clean water for washing and sanitizing your home or business. Erkens Water's top priority is to keep our employees and customers safe. We are practicing social distancing and proper hand washing to prevent the spread of covid 19.

Why do I need soft water?

Water Softeners, Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems, Iron Filters, Bottled WaterWater softeners eliminate the effects of hard water. They soften the water by removing the calcium and some forms of clear water iron found there. This extends the useful life of water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, coffee makers, humidifiers and household plumbing systems.

With soft water, detergents and soap only need to clean your dishes, laundry, and skin instead of also cleaning the water. This lack of calcium and some forms of clear water iron is why your skin feels slippery after bathing in soft water. Hard water leaves an invisible insoluble film of calcium, form of clear water iron and soap on our skin and hair, causing our skin and scalp to be dry and hair to be brittle and lifeless. You may remember a soap manufacturer marketing “squeaky-clean” for this film that was left on your body. Hard water film is best recognized in your sink or bathtub when the water is drained. The ring left in the tub or sink is because of these insoluble materials in the water. Click here for a downloadable brochure sponsored by Pentair Water Treatment Systems manufacturer of Fleck softener Controls.

Nitrates and Reverse Osmosis Systems

Nitrates are a form of nitrogen and are a natural part of soil and groundwater. Fertilizer, septic systems and manure can increase nitrate levels beyond EPA's water standards. According to a Saint Cloud Times article some local cities (Becker, Clear Lake, Cold Spring) have increased nitrate levels. Erkens Water Solution to nitrates is the Aqua Magic’s VT-50’s advanced reverse osmosis drinking water system.