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Hydrotech’s advanced reverse osmosis drinking water systemsReverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

A Perfect Choice for Drinking Water: Aqua Magic’s VT-50’s advanced reverse osmosis drinking water systems are a natural and economical solution for providing your family with high quality drinking water. With a space-saving ultra slim profile, the system tucks neatly under your kitchen sink providing bottled water quality right from your very own tap.

With almost 2/3’s of the population not drinking enough water each day, having delicious water conveniently on hand can help keep you properly hydrated and feeling great. Cut down on sugary beverages and avoid symptoms of mild dehydration such as headaches, dry skin and daytime fatigue. Use for all your cooking needs. Perfect for coffee, tea, soups, and frozen juices.

Erkens Water Solution to nitrates: Aqua Magic’s VT-50’s advanced reverse osmosis drinking water system,

Reverse Osmosis VT-50 Specifications

Nitrates and Reverse Osmosis Systems

Nitrates are a form of nitrogen and are a natural part of soil and groundwater. Fertilizer, septic systems and manure can increase nitrate levels beyond EPA's water standards. According to a Saint Cloud Times article some local areas (Becker, Clear Lake, Cold Spring) have increased nitrate levels. Nit ate contamination in drinking water affect a persons blood ability to carry oxygen. The most vulnerable are infants, pregnant women and certain adults. The EPA's maximum drinking water standard is 10 milligrams per liter. The two methods that will remove nitrates are Reverse Osmosis systems and Distillations systems.

Hydrotech’s advanced reverse osmosis drinking water system

Bottled Water Quality…Convenient & Affordable

No lugging heavy bottles, no cooler rental, no monthly bill, no hassle. For a typical family of four our drinking water system produces water at a cost of approximately $0.23 per day. Compare that to delivered bottled water at over $1.25 per day*.

Our systems offer a more advanced treatment process than typical entry level pour-through pitchers or faucet filters. At the heart of the system is a reverse osmosis membrane which removes impurities as small as an atom! Additionally, your water passes through a series of sediment and carbon filters – eliminating any unwanted tastes and odors giving your water a polished, fresh taste!

Erkens Water offers a complete range of drinking water systems to fit your needs and budget.

*Costs may vary by market and location. Based on recommended daily drinking allowance.

Aquatec Permeate PumpsAquatec Permeate Pumps

Features & Benefits of RO Permeate Pumps:

Shock chlorination

Shock chlorination is generally done to kill bacteria like coliform or E. coli. Like the video points out it is important to look for the source of the contamination and correct any problems before treating a well otherwise the problem will quickly return. For anyone looking to try this on their own, even though I found this video to be very thorough, we at Erkens Water bear no responsibility for its content. The video is for information purpose and you should always consult a well or water specialist before putting anything in your well.  

Video Courtesy of MSUExtWaterQuality & YouTube